Card Handling 101 Course

Do you get intimated, apprehensive, nervous, or just feel uneasy when it's your turn to shuffle, cut and/or deal during card games (bridge, poker, war, etc.)? Let The Card Wizard teach you in a three week course the confidence you need to handle a deck of cards properly (and more) for your next card game or purely for your entertainment.

Course covers:

Types of playing cards
Which cards to buy
How to properly pick up dropped cards
Reduce wear and tear on cards
Proper cutting techniques
Card Etiquette
Difference dealing techniques
Basic flourishes (magical effects if time permits)

Bring your own deck(s) of cards or decks will be available to purchase for $2.00 per deck (Limit 2 per person, per class)

Card Handling 101 Course. Three Class Course.
Price for all 3 classes: $25.00 per person. Call (812) 369-4774 or sign up at The Parlour Theater. 

The show is an intimate, elegant evening of Card illusions, experiments, and effects highlighting the origins and evolution of The Joker.


Magical Presentations Featuring Card Magic, Card Throwing, and Card Flourishing
Great for .....
-Casino Nights
-Trade Shows
-Special Events

Ace Saturn - Card Conjurator.  What is a conjurator? Why it is one who practices conjuration. What is conjuration? It is an arcane term that has been defined as:

1) the act of calling on or invoking a sacred name.

2) an incantation; magical charm.

3) supernatural accomplishment by invocation or spell.

4) the practice of legerdemain.

5) supplication; solemn entreaty.


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